Rockledge dry eyes

Rockledge Dry Eyes

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Dry eyes in Rockledge

If you find that you are experiencing eye redness or pain, discomfort when wearing your contact lenses, or blurry vision, you may have dry eyes. This is not a disease nor a dangerous condition, but it does need to be addressed. At Suburban Eye Associates, we provide the expert diagnosis, evaluation, and treatment that you would expect from an eye specialist.

Essentially, when you have Rockledge dry eyes, it’s because your eyes are either not producing enough tears, or the composition of the tears are not of sufficient quality. Certain factors can make a bad situation worse, such as exposure to dry air like you would expect in heated rooms. Exposure to smoke and wind also contribute. Certainly, you can do something about those situations, but ultimately the most important measure to take is to restore proper moisture to your eyes. But first things first, and that means coming in to be checked for Rockledge dry eyes. Our eye doctor conducts a typical examination, which may also include specific tests to determine the volume of your tears along with their quality. Lifestyle and environmental adjustments, among which are wearing sunglasses or eyeglasses outdoors on windy days, are definitely helpful. Direct treatment is typically in the form of artificial tears, a medication that you administer in eye drop form. If your problem is severe or it continues to recur in spite of your efforts and the use of artificial tears, you may need to consider surgery as an option. Fortunately, this is not very common.

Rockledge dry eyes are uncomfortable and frustrating. They may have a short term, but noticeable effect on your vision, but it is not too difficult to reverse those effects. All you have to do is reach out to our office. We will set up an appointment so that you can come in and be examined by our eye doctor.

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