North Philadelphia retina doctor

North Philadelphia Retina Doctor

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Eye diseases that originate in your retinas include macular degeneration and diabetic retinopathy, while retinal detachment can occur due to an accident or injury. In all of the above cases, depend on us at Suburban Eye Associates as your experts in the diagnosis, evaluation, and treatment for them, both medically and surgically.

If you have type 1 or type 2 diabetes, you are prone to the condition called diabetic retinopathy, which is due to elevated blood sugar. Even more alarming is that there are many people who may have diabetes that has not yet been diagnosed. The blood flow to your eyes may slow up or even become blocked entirely. Our North Philadelphia retina doctor recommends a yearly screening, which will ensure the most timely care possible. Diabetic retinopathy has no early warning symptoms, and if it is not treated promptly, you could suffer vision loss and hemorrhaging of your retinal blood vessels. Macular degeneration can occur as early as age 40, and is the most common reason for loss of vision for those who are 60 and older. Significant vision loss is likely, especially in the center of your visual field, leaving you only vision on the sides eventually. Like with diabetic retinopathy, you should be screened annually by our North Philadelphia retina doctor since signs only appear in the later stages. As for a retinal detachment, the only solution for this is to have it re-attached surgically. Fortunately, you are in the best possible hands with our practice. If you notice blurry vision, partial loss of vision, floaters, tunnel vision, or light sensitivity, especially after an injury or accident, you may have a detached retina.

While eye diseases are not typically curable, they can be treated and managed to maximize your vision and prevent the worst consequences. Detached retinas have the best chances of positive outcomes when they are addressed right away. Please call our office to arrange an appointment with our North Philadelphia retina doctor.

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