Glaucoma treatment Rockledge

Glaucoma Treatment Rockledge

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Glaucoma in Rockledge

Glaucoma treatment Rockledge
Glaucoma treatment Rockledge

Glaucoma can be tested by checking the intraocular pressure of the eye. If it is abnormally high, it can signal glaucoma. Patients should come in least once a year for an eye exam and glaucoma treatment Rockledge, especially as you age, because there are certain eye diseases that may come on slowly and without warning. Glaucoma and cataracts often happen to older people over the age of 40-50, and as people age. The eyes begin to have problems, which is another reason why yearly exams are essential.

Glaucoma treatment Rockledge is done in our offices using methods that work. Diagnosing it early enough can help to prevent the nerve damage that so often happens with glaucoma and help to put a halt to vision loss, which does happen over time. Our other services include vision exams, updating prescriptions and prescribing contact lenses and glasses, among other things. For those who are experiencing headaches, eye strain or pain around the eyes, it could signal that your prescription needs updating. Call today to find out more about our other services that are very helpful, like LASIK, which can help restore vision.

Also, check our website for more information such as hours, info on services and to learn more about our staff, who can always help you learn more about your eye exam or the procedures we do. We also have a fully stocked optical outlet for you to choose your new frames and contact lenses from. Patients can set appointments through our website, too, which is a great way to take charge of your eye care and keep track of your appointments. This is just one of the convenient ways we try to keep patients informed and up to date on their eye care, by making it easy for them to schedule appointments for glaucoma treatment Rockledge.

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