Glaucoma Treatment in North Philadelphia

Glaucoma Treatment in North Philadelphia

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With early detection and treatment, glaucoma will be unlikely to cause you any serious consequences. Since there are no symptoms associated with it in its early stages, though, you should get a yearly eye exam done here at Suburban Eye Associates. By the time signs start to show, it often means that you have already suffered damage to your eyes or some degree of vision loss, either of which may not be recoverable. Our glaucoma treatment in Philadelphia is essential to maintaining your ocular wellness.

Glaucoma is caused by internal pressure in your eye reaching an unsafe level. The reason this happens is that your eyes create more eye fluid than they can drain. The imbalance leads to increased pressure. The onset of glaucoma can be greatly accelerated or even be the direct result of chemical contamination or force trauma, inflammation, or an eye infection. Glaucoma typically impacts both eyes, though one may have it worse than the other. Symptoms such as redness in your eyes, painful eyes, halos surrounding images in your field of vision, tunnel vision, nausea, vomiting, and loss of vision to any degree should be dealt with promptly. The fact that you are experiencing them is an indication that the disease is advanced and that you are in imminent need of our glaucoma treatment in North Philadelphia. Diagnosis is done through an eye exam, with the test called tonometry being the key. It measures your internal eye pressure. Additional testing will be done as needed to reach a definitive conclusion. Treatment options vary based on how far the disease has progressed. Eye drops can reduce fluid production. Laser treatments increase the efficiency of drainage. Microsurgery creates a new drainage channel completely.

Our glaucoma treatment in North Philadelphia is designed to stop the progression of the disease before it can cause permanent harm. Schedule an appointment with our office right now.

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