Eye Surgery in North Philadelphia

Eye Surgery in North Philadelphia

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Suburban Eye Associates is an eye surgery in North Philadelphia office that performs LASIK surgery for patients. We have offices in Huntingdon Valley, Jenkintown and Philadelphia. LASIK eliminates the need for dependence on vision correction and most people experience improved vision by the next day after the surgery.

Those who may not be candidates for LASIK are patients under the age of 21, those who suffer from eye disease, and those with dry eyes or thin corneas. Our LASIK eye surgery in North Philadelphia is a quick and painless procedure that reshapes the cornea, allowing for better vision without glasses or contact lenses and is suitable for most prescriptions. If you already wear contact lenses, we can also update your prescription. We will first check the health of your eyes as well as accuracy of the prescription to make sure that your lenses are properly fitted and are comfortable and good for your eye health.

Before your contact lens fitting or eye surgery in North Philadelphia, we’ll check your eyes against the eye chart and perform routine testing. A refraction is done, which checks the eyes for the proper level of vision correction needed. Contact lenses can be used to see more clearly, or in some cases, simply to change the eye color for those who want a change. Our most popular kinds of lenses are soft contact lenses. Soft contact lenses are easy to wear and provide extremely comfortable contact lenses. Our daily wear lenses can be worn for up to 12 hours before being removed again at night. Or, if soft contact lenses are not right for you, we offer our patients hard contact lenses. Hard contact lenses, better known as gas permeable, or GP lenses, are a popular type of contact lens that provide sharp vision.

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